Project Description

Fire Guillotine Doors model HADES


Its operation can be manual or automatic. Closing guaranteed by a counterweight that acts on the leaf. When the alarm signal emits an impulse to the electromagnet (24 VDC) or the thermal fuse reaches a temperature of 68 ºC, the door is released and is dragged by the counterweight, leaving the door completely closed and the action of the fire expands the seal Intumescent installed in the labyrinth cuts smoke around the perimeter of the door, being sealed.


Each sheet is built with two pre-lacquered steel sheets (0.6 / 0.8 mm thick) forming panels of 1150 mm wide, tongue and groove, filled with high-density rock wool of 145 kg./m3 closed by its edges by a special 3 mm thick U profile. Inlaid handle with pull. Counterweight joined by steel cables to the parachute and electro magnet to emit the manual opening and closing or thermal fuse. Depending on the height of the lintel, the doors can be from 1 to 5 leaves.


The lateral sliding guides are of high quality and durability made of galvanized steel, installed according to the characteristics of the hole, bearing with ball bearings in the guide, safety parachute.