Project Description

EI curtains model COTEX

Cortinas enrollables cortafuego
Aprovación técnica por Building research institute
No: AT-15-9618 / 2016
Clasificación: EI2 60

Cortina enrrollable cortafuegos con clasificación EI2 60, fabricada con tecnología ultraligera; el peso total de la superficie de la tela es inferior a 10 kg / m2 (en este tipo de soluciones enrollables contra incendios el peso suele ser de 40 kg/m2).
La estructura consta de una barrera flexible enrollada sobre eje contrarrotativos, fabricado con tecnología de membrana. La capa superior está hecha de un tejido compuesto de fibra de vidrio reforzado con una malla de alambre de acero inoxidable, recubierta con una capa de silicona gris claro.
Cajón ignífugo

Opening speed: 8 – 12 cm/s,
Emergency closing speed: 12 – 20 cm/s

EI2 textile barriers without irrigation are prepared for installation in large areas with the aim of separating fire zones without the application of additional walls or pillars. It is the perfect solution for large-area installations such as shopping centers, warehouses, market halls, etc. These doors have a resistance to wind pressure of 1300 Pa which corresponds to the highest class (5) and a dynamic pressure of up to 700 Pa, which means that even at a wind speed of 125 km / h the curtain does not move from the safety position. It is a perfect solution for tunnels and airports. In addition, they can also be used as sound absorbing screens while also fulfilling their role as firewall products. The special layer on the surface of the fabric offers perfect protection against noise from 39dB to 50dB.

At the customer’s request, some elements of the system such as guides or lower strips can be painted in any color from the standard RAL palette.

Roller fire curtains
Technical approval by Building research institute
No: AT-15-9618 / 2016
Classification: EI2 60

EI2 60 rated fire roller blind, manufactured with ultralight technology; the total weight of the fabric surface is less than 10 kg / m2 (in this type of roll-up fire fighting solutions the weight is usually 40 kg / m2).
The structure consists of a flexible barrier rolled up on counter-rotating shafts, manufactured with membrane technology. The top layer is made of a glass fiber composite fabric reinforced with a stainless steel wire mesh, coated with a light gray silicone layer.

Las cortinas disponen de:

Sistema patentado de aislamiento térmico en capas.
Protecciones contra la extracción accidental de la armadura de las guías.
Elementos en acero galvanizado.
Ejes incorporados
Cajón ignífugo

The minimum necessary lintel is 600 mm


The system has an electric motor capable of controlling the opening and closing of the curtain by means of the control panel according to its dimensions and weight. The control panel is connected to the building’s security system and is equipped with a microprocessor (an integral system against fire), it is prepared to cooperate with other fire protection elements. Standard delivery includes a set of batteries (which keep the door open in the event of a power failure), alarm siren, warning light and smoke detectors.

Los detectores van acompañados de sensores ópticos de humo de doble acción que se activan en caso de detección de humo. Además, a más de 70ºC, el detector actúa como sensor de temperatura y dispara la alarma incluso a pesar de que no exista humo visible. La cantidad de sensores de humo que se incluyan dependerán del ancho de la puerta.

This product has CE approval of maximum measurements:

EI2 60 9170x6050mm

(width x height)

On request, this product can be certified and CE marked in higher measures. For more information, consult the technical department.