Project Description

Enclosures for conveyor systems

In most industrial processes, the sectorization barriers of conveyor systems are used for the transport of goods or materials, transport systems such as belts, rollers, rails, chain …, being able to contribute to the spread of a fire when crossing its path in different sections.

The enclosures can be for continuous or discontinuous conveyor systems and are made up of one or two mobile elements with vertical or horizontal movement made of galvanized steel sheet and internal insulation with a fixed panel. It has a fire resistance classification according to the needs of the work, according to the UNE EN 1366-7 test; Fire resistance test for enclosures of transport systems or conveyor belts. Based on a test carried out in an official APPLUS accredited laboratory with test number 12 / 4860-545.

Includes electromagnet trigger system.

System dimensions: 1,900 x 1,350 mm.

It has a mechanical element closing system and manual reset system. Door position, always open. Rigid support wall made of 150 mm thick concrete blocks. Civil works supplement by the client according to Mecosa specifications. Includes Preparation of prior technical project and issuance of certificates at the end of supply