Company specializing in the manufacture of sectorization elements for passive fire protection.
Our sliding doors and guillotines as well as our textile fire curtain systems, among others, are essential elements in spaces that need to be sectorized.


Sliding doors are perfect for sectoring and closing gaps between different fire sectors. Its wide range of possibilities regarding size, number of leaves and fire resistance classifications make this product the perfect element for the sectorization and closing of large gaps.


Guillotine doors fulfill the same functions as sliding doors, but instead of being horizontal, they close vertically. These doors are also available in various leaves and classifications depending on the needs of the project, so they are a good alternative when there is no lateral space to place a sliding door.


Fire curtains offer an invisible solution for the sectorization of fire, respecting the aesthetics of the place where they are installed. The curtains are hidden, and in the event of fire or power failure they unfold, preventing the passage of flames and smoke from one fire section to another.

MetaloConstrucciones Mecosa, has a wide range of fire protection products to fight fire if necessary by means of passive protection elements.
All our products are approved and certified through laboratory tests to guarantee both high-quality manufacturing and assembly



At Grupo Mecosa, when we get involved in a project, we do it 100%, therefore, the first thing we always do is engineering studies before carrying out a sliding door and firebreak project.

We work every day to achieve the set of scientific knowledge and techniques applied to the creation, improvement, and implementation of fire doors.

Our technicians are continuously researching and striving to achieve new models of fire doors that have greater resistance to fire in order to offer our customers more security.


One of the services that we offer at Grupo Mecosa is the preventive maintenance of the facilities that we carry out in order to guarantee the reliability of the equipment in operation before an accident or breakdown may occur due to deterioration. The quarterly review includes:

Lubrication, Verification of mechanical elements, Review of maneuvering and electrical equipment, Readjustment of screws, Adjustment of limit switches, Verification of safety elements, and Clutch and brakes adjustment.

We also carry out corrective maintenance for companies.


In addition to the maintenance that we offer at Grupo Mecosa, we also carry out repair work, not only in facilities carried out by us but in any other facility.

We take care of solving any problem related to metal fire doors with the sole objective of satisfying the needs of our clients. Our operators, fully trained to face any difficulty in the repair, carry out the task in a clear and fast way.

To schedule a repair, please contact offices