After almost ten years of work, the San Antonio Market, one of the most important in Barcelona, has reopened in 2018, an event in Barcelona that has been echoed by the main media. MECOSA has participated in this new market by manufacturing and installing the means of fire sectoring.

Last year, 2017, Métalo Construcciones MECOSA, was contracted to manufacture and install fire fighting sectorization facilities in one of the most important markets in Barcelona. With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and assembly of doors, the company has made available to the San Antonio market multiple solutions for passive fire protection. The market has a new total area of 53,388 square meters, for which MECOSA has supplied sliding doors, fire curtains, and fire-proof roller doors. With these solutions we have been able to sectorize spaces of more than 20 meters in width, thus providing the necessary security to the entire building in compliance with current regulations.